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The best Twitter management tool for growing teams

The best Twitter management tool for growing teams

Josh Pitzalis
Sun Jun 26 2022
For Nev Medhora (who runs a copywriting company called CopywritingCourse), Twitter was always a supporting actor. One in a row of social accounts at the bottom of this blog. He'd always had a Twitter account, he just never paid much attention to it. It was a place to spam people with links to his blog content.
On the other hand, David Perrell (who runs a writing program called the Write of Passage) only has one social link at the bottom of his blog: Twitter. At the time of writing this, he has 328 thousand followers.
In an interview between David and Nev, they discuss the shift from posting to many platforms, for as much reach as possible, to consolidating your efforts and developing a competitive advantage on a single platform.
If Twitter is where your ideal customer spends their time, and your business is considering focusing its social media marketing efforts on a single platform, your team will eventually need a dedicated Twitter management tool.
This post will show you how your content team can use a Twitter management tool for targeted marketing efforts on the platform.

Why content teams need dedicated Twitter management tools

The problem with using a general-purpose scheduling tool that posts to multiple social media platforms is that they don't leverage everything you can do with Twitter marketing.

Most social media management tools can't publish Twitter threads

One of the most powerful Twitter marketing features that most general-purpose scheduling tools ignore is the platform's ability to publish and schedule Twitter threads.
Twitter threads allow you to connect several tweets together in a chain. They are a powerful way to break out of the 280-character limit and express longer thoughts on Twitter. Our platform, Chirr App, was one of the first Twitter tools for composing threads, back when tweets were limited to 140 characters. Crafting Twitter threads remains a core part of Chirr App's product experience to this day.
Unlike other free Twitter management tools, Chirr App has a browser extension that makes it easy to pull existing blog posts into the Chirr App and automatically convert them into threads.
Here is a short video demonstrating how you can turn blog posts into Twitter threads using our browser extension.
How to turn blog posts into Twitter threads

Social media marketers are missing out on running threads

One of the most fun and under-appreciated aspects of writing Twitter threads is that you don't have to write a whole thread in one go.
You can start a thread in the morning and then add to it throughout the day. You could start a thirty-day challenge and maintain a running thread of updates on your Twitter users as they get through the month.
A list of brand campaigns you admire, third-party tools your company loves, industry tips, or trending topics. They can all be public collections that get added to as you find new projects, tools, tips, or trends.
The format's ability to develop a public collection of ideas over time is unique to the Twitter experience and worth exploring if you have a project where you want to gradually document useful information publicly.

Chirr App is one of the best Twitter management tools for running threads because you can organize your idea in a draft beforehand and then bookmark the thread so that it's always easy to find and add to.

Chirr App also lets you adjust the delay between tweets in a running thread

Twitter management tools seldom focus on letting you compose threads, never mind helping you manage a running thread.
In Chirr App you can bookmark running threads that you are working on so that they are easy to find and our fined-grained sharing control lets you adjust the delay between tweets from minutes to hours to days.
You could convert a blog post into a massive thread with 100 tips around a topic and then release one a day automatically.
Other social media platforms don't help you handle support-related requests from your Twitter users
Your company's Twitter profile is increasingly becoming the place people go for customer support when they have issues with your product.
The problem with managing customer support on Twitter's web platform is that it becomes easy to get overwhelmed. When you're managing a brand online with lots of messages each day, sometimes Twitter chats slip through the cracks.
Chirr App's Blitz feature shows you all the mentions on your team's Twitter account. It lets you respond to all your conversations one by one in a distraction-free working environment.

General-purpose social media marketing tools force you to post everywhere at the same time

You don't necessarily want to be posting to your company's Twitter profile at the same time as you post to other social media channels.
Scheduling tools for all your social media accounts usually force you to set a single publishing schedule across all your social media accounts.
Using a dedicated Twitter management tool lets you calibrate your timing with Twitter analytics so that you only post when your Twitter audience is most active on the platform.
Instead of having to resort to internet folklore around the best posting times, Chirr App's Twitter analytics module shows you a heatmap of when your content gets the most engagement and lets you schedule content to gain maximum engagement.

Reposting Tweets and threads for different timezones

Other Twitter management tools don't always consider that your audience might be split over several timezones.
Chirr App's scheduling user interface also lets you repost specific tweets or threads after they have been published. This is useful when your target audience is spread over several timezones and you want to make sure specific posts resurface in everyone's Twitter feed.
Great Twitter management tools help engaged followers find your best tweets
If you're investing in a single channel then you want a Twitter management tool that makes it easy for people to find your best tweets and threads.
All Chirr App accounts come with a free Nest page that displays all of your most popular tweets by default. You can also adjust your Nest page and choose which tweets you want to display.

What to look for in a Twitter management tool

When picking the best Twitter management tool for your team you want to make sure to include a number of core features that enable Twitter growth.
Schedule posts and threads
Good Twitter management tools will let you schedule tweets and build up a calendar of regular content so that you don't need to write every day.
Chirr App is one of the best Twitter management tools because it lets you schedule threads as well as tweets. There are no limits to how much content you can schedule.

Four types of scheduling options

You can schedule content at a specific time, you can also create a fixed schedule once and then add content at the front or ends of a queue with set publishing times once and then you never have to think about it again, or you can pick a scheduled slot at some point on the future (say if you wanted to add a tweet to your fixed schedule but for Christmas day).

Scheduled content comes in three views

Scheduled content can be viewed in a queue, a week at a time or you can see an entire month of scheduled content at a glance.
Scheduling your Twitter marketing frees up your team's time. It lets them batch content work and build up a buffer of content so that they can also focus on all the other important work they do.

In-Depth Analytics

The best Twitter management tools don't just help you compose and publish content, they also show you which content is performing best.
Chirr App's Analytics module lets you track all of your Twitter growth data in one user interface. It provides valuable insights into your audience growth, optimal posting times, and which content gets the most engagement.
Being able to track your progress and monitor posts helps your team understand which type of targeted marketing content they should focus on.

Use drafts to shape relevant content over time

Good Twitter tools will always include the ability to save drafts of your work. Drafts let you save thoughts for later, they let teams develop ideas together and work on content slowly over time.
If you have lots of drafts, Chirr App allows you to star certain drafts making them easy to find. If you are working in a team you can also set up folders for your drafts to keep things organized.

Sharing drafts publicly lets people give you private feedback before publishing

Chirr App allows teams to share drafts with people outside of your team.
The draft sharing feature is to the right of the editor footer and it creates a public URL that can be shared with anyone outside of an organization.

Chirr App also includes a library of customizable prompts

Sometimes the hardest part of writing is getting started. We've built a library of prompts within the drafts module for inspiration.
The prompts library is fully customizable. This means you can set up your own team templates with useful prompts or examples for the different types of content you want to focus on.
If you're planning to use Chirr App with multiple Twitter accounts you can save different prompts on different accounts.

The ability to recycle your best Twitter content

Twitter's algorithm makes it difficult for all your followers to see your content. Good Twitter tools will provide a way to periodically resurface your best-performing content.
Chirr App lets you post the same content multiple times using our evergreen content pool.
Once you've published a tweet or thread, you can set up a Twitter auto poster to loop through a collection of saved tweets or threads. Looping through your best Twitter posts lets you focus on all the other important aspects of running a business without the constant upkeep of maintaining a social presence on a daily basis.

A Twitter management tool that handles more than one Twitter account for your company

With Chirr App, you can easily manage multiple Twitter accounts from one place.
Our professional plans let small businesses connect to two Twitter profiles by default. This lets you manage a personal and a business account under the same roof.
There is no limit to the number of Twitter accounts you can add to a paid account. If you'd like to add an additional Twitter profile on top of the two starting accounts it costs an additional $6 extra per account per month.

A Twitter management tool for easy team collaboration

Not only can Chirr App manage multiple Twitter accounts within a company, you can also add multiple team members to each account.
Our team plans let you add an unlimited number of teammates to each of your Chirr App workspaces.
Being able to add unlimited team members to a workspace is particularly useful in organizations where multiple content contributors work on your Twitter content strategy.
Dedicated Twitter tools mean you never ever have to share company credentials again
Team plans eliminate the need to share your Twitter account credentials with an intern ever again.
Workspace administrators can add as many Twitter accounts to a workspace as they need. Twitter bios can also be removed just as easily, making it practical to temporarily add multiple accounts to any workspace.
User Permissions let you manage multiple accounts
A Twitter profile in a workspace can either have writing and publishing permissions or they can just have writing permissions.
Members who have writing permissions only can see all of the content in a workspace, they can comment on it, create new drafts, or edit unpublished content but they are restricted from publishing or scheduling anything.
Publishing permission gives a team member full access to all of Chirr App's capabilities.
Drafts folders help teams stay aligned on relevant content goals
Creating folders for your drafts is a great way to establish a shared content strategy across your team. Creating folders for all the different types of content you want to focus on helps keep things organized and makes sure everyone is on the same page.
You can create a folder for certain types of content, or you can create folders for different team members. We don't impose any structure on how folders are organized. You are free to use them however makes the most sense for your team.
The draft folders also indicate how many drafts in a folder have been scheduled. This way you can keep track of which folders need fresh content and how often.
Inline comments to share feedback on drafts
Highlight any bit of text in a draft and a pop-up will give you the option to add a comment to it.
This is a particularly helpful Twitter management tool for sharing targeted feedback around specific sentences or sections of a thread.
Inline comments let people in different time zones provide feedback asynchronously and help teams work on the content together.
Claps are another great tool to approve tweets
We have also added "claps" to the footer of drafts as a way to show approval or let a supervising team member sign off on drafts.
We understand that there needs to be some approval mechanism when multiple people create content together. We didn't want to impose a highly opinionated approval system on teams because everyone works differently. We believe Claps is lightweight and flexible enough to be adapted to most workflows.
Synchronize screens when multiple people are on the same threads
Clicking on the small binocular logo in the editor footer will synchronize the screen for people viewing a thread across different screens.
This can be helpful when 2-3 people are reviewing the same thread over a video or audio call and you want to make sure everyone is looking at the same section of a draft.
Screen-sync is disabled by default.
Presence detection
The editor's presence detection shows you if anyone else on your team has the same thread open when you are working on it.
If another team member accesses the same thread you are working on their profile image will show up in the footer of the editor.
We made sure that only one person can edit a thread at any time.
One editor at a time
By default, multiple people cannot make edits to a draft at the same time.
This prevents people from accidentally overwriting people's work.
The person with a small crown icon on their profile photo in the editor footer is the content editor. When the content editor leaves the draft, editing rights will move to the next person in line.

Chirr App: The best Twitter management tool for teams

If you'd like to try out team features and see if it's a good fit for your organization. Here is a short video that walks you through how to invite teammates to a Chirr App workspace.
How to invite teammates to a Chirr App workspace.
Chirr App is the best digital marketing tool for a social media team that wants to create and schedule Twitter content, track their Twitter analytics, and reply to mentions in a distraction-free environment.
Chirr App's team plan allows your team to manage multiple company Twitter accounts. It also facilitates collaboration between an unlimited number of users within each workspace.
Get yourself a Twitter superpower!
Chirr App is an all-in-one Twitter author app that helps you write threads and tweets, engage with your audience, and access actionable analytics so you could write amazing content consistently.

What is Chirr App?
Chirr App is a tool that helps experts and teams regularly write and schedule Twitter threads. If the people you want to reach are on Twitter, threads are an effective way to establish your expertise in an industry.
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