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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Josh Pitzalis
Thu Sep 22 2022
When you use (Chirr App), some personal information is collected from you. However, this site has been designed so that the information collected is minimal. This privacy policy sets out the details of the information collected, the manner in which it collected, and the purposes for which it is used. It may be revised from time to time, and you will be informed of the same. Your continued use of Chirr App signifies your acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Information collected
  1. When you sign up to Chirr App with your Twitter account, we collect your Twitter user ID, screen name, and your access keys for the Twitter API. We need these details to use Twitter's API functions on your behalf and provide our services on your Twitter account. Any content you publish to Twitter will also be subject to Twitter's privacy policy.
  2. When you create content on Chirr App you do so of your own volition. Chirr App does not require you to submit any personal data, nor will it process the personal data that might be contained in your posts. Your data is hosted on Firebase cloud computing servers and is also subject to Firebase's privacy and security policy.
  3. When you interact with Chirr App, we will have access to information that is generated in the course of these interactions. We use Mixpanel to analyse these interactions and subject to Mixpanel's privacy policy. We also use Sentry and Google cloud to log and track errors.
  4. Chirr App does not directly collect payment information. Chirr App uses Paddle (their privacy policy) to process payments and as a result of this integration, your payment data will be visible to Chirr App through the tools provided by Paddle.
  5. For delivering emails, Chirr App uses Mailgun. Your email address may be stored within their servers. Here is Mailgun's privacy policy.
  6. Chirr App sets cookies for authentication purposes as well as to enable essential functionalities of the platform. Chirr App sets up a cookie to mark the user’s session ID, a cookie with the session signature to prevent tampering and a cookie to tell the browser who the current user is. For analytics, Chirr App uses Google Analytics.

Use of Information

The personal information collected will only be used to provide you with the services that you have subscribed to receive from Chirr App and to continually enhance your experience on Chirr App.

Data Retention, Deletion, and Export

  1. All information collected will be retained only for as long as your account remains in existence.
  2. If you would like to delete your account and the data associated with it, please write to and request for your account to be deleted. Your request will be completed within 30 days of the confirmation of its receipt.
  3. If you would like to receive any other data related to your account, please write to requesting the same. Your request will be completed within 30 days of the confirmation of its receipt, provided the data requested does not infringe on the privacy of other users.

Grievances or Questions

If you have any concerns or questions in relation to this Privacy Policy, you may address them by writing to
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