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Sharing your expertise is hard. Twitter threads make it easy.

Sat Aug 20 2022

If the people you want to reach are on Twitter, threads are an effective way to establish your expertise in an industry. Chirr App is a tool that helps experts and teams regularly write and schedule Twitter threads.

Unfortunately, nobody cares about what you have to say.
They don't care about what you do or what you’re selling.
People are indifferent by default. It's not personal, we're just exposed to so much information now that indifference is the only way to navigate it all.
People pay attention when they understand how you can help them. Establishing your expertise in an industry and getting people to care is hard. One effective way to cut through the noise is to focus on actionable solutions to the the most popular and relatable problems in your industry.
Imagine if people cared when you had something interesting to say. What if the experts in your field respected your point of view and valued the contributions you make?
Twitter is an interesting solution because it combines the publishing platform with the distribution channel. Starting a blog or newsletter is an excellent way to share your expertise, but then you have to figure out how to find subscribers and drive traffic to your blog.
The problem with publishing on Twitter has always been the character limitation.
Twitter threads are an interesting way to bridge the gap here. Threads allow you to express more nuance than you can fit into a single tweet, but the format still forces you to be succinct and distill your arguments down to their essence.
The only problem with threads is that you're forced to write them in a tiny input box on Twitter.
You have to count characters. onstantly copy and paste chunks of text. They’re a hassle to write regularly. So we created an editor that's purposefully designed to help experts and teams create and schedule Twitter threads.

Like Google Docs for Twitter threads.

You can type out your entire message in one go, then split it into 280-character tweets, and preview what it will look like on Twitter before publishing. You can schedule threads in advance and build up a calendar of content without having to write every day. We remove all the noise and temptation around Twitter and let you create professional content in a distraction-free editor designed for making great Twitter threads.
There are a lot of thread-writing softwares out there. This one is the best. I use this tool every day. The paid version allows you to schedule threads which is worth it for high-volume creators.
- Toby, Content Lead at Launch House
  • Our smart text splitting algorithm will suggest sensible defaults for where to break your message into separate tweets so that you can import text from any article on the web with our chrome extension and instantly turn it into a thread.
  • The editor automatically saves drafts as you write so that you can safely work on a thread over several days or weeks and develop ideas over time.
  • We also help you schedule threads so that you can maintain a consistent presence on Twitter without having to write every single day.
I like the UX of the "schedule" feature in Chirr very much.
- KP, Director of Day One
We've helped over 29,755 people improve their Twitter game since 2017, and now we're the only Twitter thread maker on the market that is recommended by Twitter. We're the first product of its kind, and we were helping people write back when tweets were only 140 characters. We've even open-sourced the first version of our product to prove it. All this is to say that we're not going anywhere, and we're committed to working out all the kinks for the best Twitter thread writing experience.

Share your expertise. Establish your credibility. Build connections with others in your industry.

Threads are an excellent place to share your expertise and tell your story because Twitter is a meritocracy of ideas. There are no fancy production costs, you can just focus on effectively answering the most relatable question in your industry.  Unlike starting a blog or a newsletter, you won't need to set up a publishing platform or find an audience for your ideas.
If you’ve never written a thread before, here are some great guidelines to follow for writing Twitter threads that won't make you cringe. If you’d like to start by repurposing an existing post or summarising someone else’s post, you can use our browser extension to pull a copy from the web right into your editor.
My process, so far, is pretty simple. I open up and force myself to look at an empty box until I start putting ideas down. It's brutal :)
- Andrew Chen, a16z
What is Chirr App?
Chirr App is a tool that helps experts and teams regularly write and schedule Twitter threads. If the people you want to reach are on Twitter, threads are an effective way to establish your expertise in an industry.
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