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A Twitter auto poster to loop through a collection of daily tips

A Twitter auto poster to loop through a collection of daily tips

Josh Pitzalis
Fri Jul 01 2022
Corey Haines is a marketer turned entrepreneur. He used to be the head of Growth at Baremetrics and he's working on something new. He wants to auto-post a daily tip on Twitter around his new project once a day.
Chirr app is a Twitter marketing tool that makes it easy to set up a Twitter auto poster to automatically post once a day from a collection of daily tips. It doesn't have a way to bulk upload hundreds of tweets (not yet anyway) but you can loop through a collection of tweets forever.
If you run a business, manually tweeting a new daily tip from a collection of Google sheets is a huge waste of time. You shouldn't be fiddling around with Google sheets when the whole process can be easily automated.
You could save time by queueing everything into a social media scheduler, but that approach wouldn't recycle the tips as new tweets once they've all been posted to Twitter.

How to auto-tweet your collection of tips

Looping through a collection of tweets is a simple three-step process in Chirr App.

Decide how often you want to auto-post

To set how often you want your tweets to go out use Chirr App's schedule settings page to create your posting times.
To auto-post once a day, select the 'same slots everyday' option and add a single time slot to the system.
You can add as many time slots as you want if you want tweets to go out multiple times a day.
You don't have to auto-tweet every day. You can also customize which days of the week you want tweets to be posted.
At Chirr App we're a little skeptical of the whole idea of a universal ‘best time’ to tweet. We encourage you to think about the ideal posting time for the specific people who follow you. If you've been using Chirr for a while then your analytics page show when your tweets get the most engagement.
If you're new to Chirr App and you're not sure when to schedule your tweets we've linked to a post at the bottom with some suggestions and research on when the best times to tweet are.

Create your collection of tweets

The great thing about using Chirr App to auto-tweet is that you can schedule long-form Twitter threads in your pool of daily tips just as easily as you can add individual tweets.
You'll need to compose your tweets and threads in our editor. You also have the option to import older threads into Chirr App using the thread import page.
Once you've written your tweet out, you can add it to your queue using the 'Add to Queue' publish option in the screenshot below.
Chirr App has 4 fine-grained scheduling options to give you complete control over how you publish content on Twitter. There is a link to a deeper explanation of how to use each option at the end of this post.

Loop through everything in your Twitter auto poster

Once a tweet has been published you can add it to your content pool so that Chirr App recycles it when it runs out of scheduled tweets to post.
To add a published tweet to your content pool, go to the history page and click on the circular arrow icon at the bottom of a post. This will add it to your evergreen rotation pool.
You can see all of the tweets that have been added to your content pool by going to the content pool tab on the schedule page. Clicking on the circular arrow again will remove content from your pool.
Now that you have added content to your evergreen rotation pool, when your calendar runs out of scheduled content it will auto-tweet whatever is in your content pool, at the schedule you have specified.
The evergreen content pool is a paid feature that comes with Pro and Team plans. Our Pro plans let you add two separate Twitter accounts. Our team plans allow an unlimited number of teammates to collaborate without having to share your company's Twitter credentials with everyone. A team plan also gives you complete control over which teammates can publish and schedule posts.

Things to Keep in Mind When You Auto-Tweet

Here are some things to consider when you begin to auto-tweet content.

Don't over-automate your Twitter account

Striking the right balance between automation and genuine interaction is tricky. Twitter is a social platform after all. An easy mistake to make when you start automating content is to automate everything.
KP is the program Director of On Deck’s No-Code Fellowship and he has over 24 thousand followers on Twitter. Here is a one-minute clip of how he finds a balance between automation and interaction when using Chirr App to plan his Twitter social media marketing.
KP on Scheduling Tweets with Chirr App

Review your evergreen content pool once a quarter

Another thing to watch out for with automated Twitter scheduling is content going stale. With automation it’s easy to add content to your pool, and forget about it, only to see it auto-posted from your Twitter profile a year later. Industry views around topics gradually shift over time so it’s important to make sure your point of view is always relevant. As a best practice, we recommend reviewing your content pool at least once a quarter.
In addition to deleting tweets from your content pool and adding ones, you can also edit your evergreen tweets and tweak them over time. This way you’re always scheduling tweets about your current perspective on topics.

You cannot auto-post the content from multiple Twitter accounts

In May 2022 Twitter announced a new rule to stop people from posting duplicate content to Twitter accounts. If you copy and paste from RSS feeds or repost other people’s content or if you post the same tweet across multiple Twitter social accounts the visibility of your tweets will get limited. I have included a link to more details on this new rule below. The safest way to make sure your tweets don’t get limited is to post credible, authentic information, that promotes a healthy public discourse on Twitter.
That’s how you can use Chirr App to set up a Twitter auto poster that loops through a collection of tweets. Only a small portion of your followers will see your tweets the first time you post content. It’s important to understand how to save time by automating the posting process while sharing your most useful content more than once. Looping through your best Twitter posts lets you focus on all the other important aspects of running a business without the constant upkeep of maintaining a social presence on a daily basis.
Start automatically posting your own daily tips
Chirr App is an all-in-one Twitter author app that helps you write threads and tweets, engage with your audience, and access actionable analytics so you could write amazing content consistently.

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