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The kickass guide to scheduling Twitter threads

The kickass guide to scheduling Twitter threads

Josh Pitzalis
Tue Jun 28 2022
You can compose threads on Twitter's website and mobile apps but you cannot schedule a Twitter thread without a dedicated scheduling tool.
Tweetdeck and other social media scheduling tools like Buffer and Hootsuite let you schedule single tweets on their free plan, but they don't let you schedule Twitter threads.
If you want to schedule a thread with multiple tweets, Chirr App is a thread creator that makes the whole process incredibly easy.

Start writing your Twitter thread as you would in a Google doc

Chirr App's Twitter thread editor offers a seamless writing experience. You can write the whole thread out in one go and we'll show you a preview of what it will look like on the right-hand panel.
You can split the text into a new tweet wherever you want. You can also add up to four images to each tweet. You could add a GIF to the last tweet in a thread or a video to the previous tweet. You can even quote tweets in tweets, add emojis and automatically number new tweets in a thread.

Or pull in text from an existing article

If you already have a blog post you want to turn into a Twitter thread you can use our browser extension to copy text into the editor instantly.
Turn blog posts into Twitter threads instantly.
Our smart editor will automatically split the text up for you and suggest where to break text into single tweets. You're free to adjust the contents of every single tweet however you want, our sensible defaults are just a starting point.

Scheduling your Twitter threads

The dropdown next to the big green 'Publish' button in the bottom right corner offers two ways to schedule Twitter threads.

Schedule Twitter thread at a specific time

If you want to post your thread on Twitter at a specific time then you can select a date and time with our date picker.

Or add your Twitter thread to a fixed queue

If you don't want to have to set the date every time you schedule Twitter threads you can create a fixed schedule once and then add Twitter threads to a queue.
The simplest way to do this is to use 'add to queue'. Threads added to a will get posted in the order they were added.
If you ever want to jump the queue you can also add a thread to the front of the queue using the 'Share next' scheduling option.
If you want to stick to your fixed schedule but you have a specific date in mind (say a specific holiday or a launch date) then you can pick a scheduled slot in the future.

Cross-posting to LinkedIn and scheduling automatic retweets

Once a Twitter thread is published you can cross-post your thread to Linked In.
We do not currently support scheduling for LinkedIn posts, you can only cross-post once a thread has been published.
We only offer cross-posts for LinkedIn, so no Instagram or Facebook.
You also have the option to schedule a retweet of the first tweet in a thread.
Scheduling a retweet is always handy when you have followers in different time zones and you want to make sure your message resurfaces when the rest of your audience is awake.
You can schedule a retweet on all the tweets in the thread but we only recommend retweeting the first tweet unless you know what you're doing.

All Chirr App pro plans let you schedule Twitter threads on two separate accounts

Two accounts mean you can schedule Twitter threads on your personal and professional Twitter account under one roof.
Don't worry, you can always add more accounts if you need. You can move up to a team plan where you can invite other team members to your account and collaborate on creating Twitter threads.
Chir App is a free thread creator if you want to compose and publish but have no need to schedule Twitter threads. There are some limits on a free plan, like 10 tweets and 1 image per Twitter thread.
If you want more tweets per thread, we also have a plus plan for hobbyists. Plus plans let you save a draft of your threads and it removes the posting limits of the free plan.
Chirr App is the best digital marketing tool for scheduling Twitter threads. In addition to scheduling threads, the tool lets you save threads as a draft, track Twitter growth analytics, and comment on a Twitter conversation in a distraction-free environment. Each user also gets a free public website with all their top posts, as well as access to all our new features.
Start scheduling Twitter threads with Chirr App
Chirr App is an all-in-one Twitter author app that helps you write and schedule Twitter threads and tweets, engage with your audience, and access actionable analytics so you could write amazing content consistently.
What is Chirr App?
Chirr App is a tool that helps experts and teams regularly write and schedule Twitter threads. If the people you want to reach are on Twitter, threads are an effective way to establish your expertise in an industry.
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