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Typefully vs Hypefury vs Chirr App: Twitter thread tools comparison

Typefully vs Hypefury vs Chirr App: Twitter thread tools comparison

Josh Pitzalis
Tue Nov 15 2022
This article was co-authored by Anzil Amina.
Choosing the best Twitter thread maker can be a challenge these days. Having built the first Twitter thread maker back in 2017, we appreciate the nuances that make different tool ideal for different types of marketers. In this blog post, we'll compare three market-leading Twitter thread-maker tools: Typefully, Hypefury, and our very own — Chirr App.

Overview of Chirr App

Who is it for?

Chirr App is the perfect tool for content teams and small businesses that want to build a professional presence on Twitter.

Main Differentiator: Chirr App is ideal for small teams.

All of the tools in this blog post are excellent for composing and scheduling Twitter threads, Chirr App sets itself apart with its focus on helping teams leverage their existing content efforts on Twitter.
Our browser extension makes it simple to import your existing blog posts into Chirr App, and our smart algorithm automatically turns them into threads. Our editor will suggest where to split the text into individual tweets. It shows you a preview of what your thread will look like once published on Twitter. You can move things around and make adjustments as needed, and then you can publish everything directly to Twitter from within the app, or you can schedule it for later.
Team collaboration - Chirr App team plan lets you add an unlimited number of teammates to your workspace. You can set up drafts and folders for different team members, or different people can collaborate on the same content by approving drafts and leaving feedback in inline comments.
Our team plans also come with permission controls for different users. This way you’ll never have to share your company’s Twitter credentials with an intern ever again.
Reply to Twitter comments without distraction - Chirr App has a unique feature called "Blitz" that makes it easy for team members to respond to comments and support queries on Twitter without getting lost in a world of social media distractions at work.
LinkedIn Cross-posting - While Chirr App has been designed for writing and scheduling content on Twitter, we do also let you cross-post your Twitter threads to LinkedIn once they’re published.


Chirr App is free to use and always will be. The free plan includes the ability to write and publish Twitter threads up to 10 tweets long.
Plus, Pro and Team accounts for additional features like drafts, scheduling, analytics, and team collaboration are available; they have monthly fees of $4, $15, and $49, respectively. You can always choose to pay yearly to save 20% on pro and team plans and up to 40% from the plus plan on your annual cost.

Reviews of Chirr App

Olly Benson, The UK’s National Health Service
Chirr App was exactly what I needed when I curated the @nhs account earlier in the year. I wanted to tell my story over a number of tweets, and Chirr App meant I could arrange exactly how the threads would appear before they went live. Being able to add images and other tweets made the experience so much richer for readers. Thanks Sasha for building a really valuable tool.
The Scholarcy team’s opinion (select the review tab) :
‘We love the Chirr App extension here at Scholarcy. It's such an easy way to turn a summary of an article into a Twitter thread, complete with images and video if you wish.’
Mark had the following to say about Chirr App:
I've been using this app for about a year now. For a free app it has a ton of stuff out of the box that saves my life - like rearranging tweets and threads (even sent ones) and saving drafts (i can't remember how many threads I've lost on the regular twitter app). But where it shines is if you choose to upgrade. It's every function on twitter. Just done better

Overview of Typefully

Who is it for?

While they are trying out collaborative features that are in beta, Typefully has been built with individual creators that are focused on producing Twitter-first content. The tool is particularly popular with the tech startup community on Twitter.

Main Differentiator: A gorgeous unibody editor.

We have to hand it to them, Typefully is beautiful. The team has done a stellar job of putting together a beautiful tool that’s easy to use.
Typefully has opted for a unibody editor rather than a side-by-side preview panel like the other two products in this comparison. This single-view approach is helpful for creating and editing new threads with media elements, but it's less useful when copying in and editing previously formatted content.
Like the other tools in this post, Typefully also lets you save drafts and schedule tweets, offers a library of prompts, and provides analytics insights on your content.


You can use the tool to create posts in its freemium version. Upgrades start at $10 per month, but you'll need to pay more for more advanced features. You have to pay $24 per month for five accounts and $49 per month for infinite accounts. You can save 20% on these plans by billing yearly.
Reviews of Typefully
This is what Zach said about Typefully:
Typefully has the most pleasant UX of the lot. It's decluttered to keep writing content the focus. And it's the cheapest option around. If you don't care about the AI features, use Typefully.
Another user has this opinion about Typefully after using it:
‘Just used this product for the first time today and love it!
I've been creating Twitter threads manually in Google Docs and this makes the process so much quicker and easier. I'd even go so far as to say it makes creating Twitter threads enjoyable. Great work!’
Julian Shapiro thoughts about Typefully:
‘Typefully is the best tool I've found for creators on Twitter. Making threads without it is a pain. And the interface makes tweet management seamless.’

Overview of Hypefury

Who is it for?

While Hypefury does have a Twitter thread module, the tool is less focused on composing Twitter threads and, as the name suggests, emphasizes providing a suite of tools to automate and monetize your Twitter account.

Main Differentiator: Hypefury helps you monetize your Twitter audience.

Hypefury helps you develop leads for a product or service by letting you automatically add your website, blog, or newsletter as a call-to-action under your viral tweets. They also have an integration with Gumroad to set up and send out sales tweets on auto-pilot. They also have an AI writing feature that can create tweets based on your previously top tweets.
Far from limiting themselves to Twitter, Hypefury lets you publish content to Instagram, Facebook pages, and Only-fans.
Hypefury also lets you save drafts, schedule Tweets, has a library of prompts, and provides analytics insights like the other tools in this comparison.


Hypefury offers basic features with a free account. For advanced features, you can use standard and premium accounts, which cost $19 and $49, respectively. Standard and premium accounts are available with a 7-day free trial.

Reviews of Hypefury

This is what Massimo Chieruzzi, Cofounder of Breadcrumbs (YC) said about Hypefury:
‘Lately I've been using more and more Hypefury. It provides an acceptable level of analytics even tho' it's not the main focus of the tool.
The main pro of Hypefury is really scheduling and helping you become an unstoppable tweet machine. Thread writing is amazing and it provides you recommendations from popular tweets by niche and much more’.
Vignesh’s opinion about Hyperfury:
‘I could schedule tweets and avoid spending time cross-posting on different platforms. Used it till they raised their prices.’
This is what one of Hyperfury’s user said:
‘Hypefury is worth every dollar. It has allowed me the freedom to think about my posts and schedule them so I can concentrate on engaging with others. It has also added several updates including posting to LinkedIn since I’ve purchased my annual option.’


We hope we've given you enough information to help you to make the best decision based on your Twitter presence goals and your personal preferences.
Chirr App is an excellent choice if you’re a small team with an existing content production effort. Chirr App will help you translate your existing efforts to Twitter and maintain a professional presence on the platform.
Typefully is a fantastic tool for individual creators, it has a clean and simple interface and it’s easy to use. Hypefury is the right choice if your primary focus in on monetizing your audience, as opposed to building branding or sharing your message and scholarship on Twitter.
Get yourself some Twitter superpowers
Chirr App is an all-in-one Twitter author app that helps you write threads and tweets, engage with your audience, and access actionable analytics so you could write amazing content consistently.
What is Chirr App?
Chirr App is a tool that helps experts and teams regularly write and schedule Twitter threads. If the people you want to reach are on Twitter, threads are an effective way to establish your expertise in an industry.
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