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Finding the best Twitter character counter tool

Finding the best Twitter character counter tool

Josh Pitzalis
Sun Jul 03 2022
If you're creating a batch of content for Twitter, it's common to type out tweets in bulk in a Google Doc or Notes App so you can easily import them into a social media scheduling tool.
The downside of this approach is that you don't always know your character count for each tweet until you log into Twitter.
There are 3rd party Twitter character counter tools that make planning batches of Twitter content simpler without having to log into Twitter and check the length of each tweet.

Chirr App

What if batching twitter content didn't have to mean writing and formating all your tweets in one app and then importing them into a second app to schedule everything?
Chirr App is a dedicated Twitter marketing tool that helps you format your tweet, plan your content calendar out, and schedule everything for you.
Saving drafts and scheduling content are part of paid features in Chirr App but counting characters and formatting your tweets will always remain free.

Counts characters exactly the way Twitter does

In most cases, a Tweet can contain up to 280 characters or Unicode glyphs.
  • Spaces count as characters.
  • Some glyphs will count as more than one character. Like, most emojis count as two characters ✌️.
  • Links count as 23 characters, whether the actual URL is shorter or longer.
  • @mentions don't consume characters. But only if they are at the start of the tweet.
This is a lot to remember so Chirr App just figures everything out for you and shows you the character count of your tweet in the lower-left corner of the editor (magnified in the image above).
Chirr Apps editor also natively autocompletes @mentions, it has an emoji picker built-in and supports hashtags. Chirr App shows you a preview of what your tweet will look like as you write, on the right-hand pane.

Publish threads as well as just tweets

When a block of text is over the 280-character limit, Chirr App will split everything into multiple tweets ad give you the option to post a Twitter thread instead.
You have the option to split the text into a new tweet anywhere you like, or you can edit the text down to fit within the 280-character limit.

Lets you add images and media to your tweets

Chirr App lets you add up to four images per tweet. You can also add alt text to each of the images to make it easier for the visually impaired to understand your images.
You can also add a single gif or video to tweet.
You also have the option to add an existing tweet to your tweet as a quote. Fortunately, quoting tweets does not take up any characters.

Import existing content instantly

If you are turning an existing blog post into a series of tweets we make it easy to pull the article directly into the Chirr App editor, along with all the images and media. We also do our best to suggest where to split the text into separate tweets. You're free to customize this however you want.
Here is a short video demonstrating how you can turn blog posts into Twitter threads using our browser extension.
Turn your blog post into a Twitter thread.

Twitter Character Counter

The next tool on our list is the appropriately named, Twitter Character counter.
When you first open the app the page has several banner ads that can be distracting. If you manually remove each of the ads or use an ad blocker then the underlying tool is really useful.
Twitter Character Counter provides a single text input box. Pasting your characters in will show you the count and the number of characters remaining at the top. They are also color-coded when you go over the tweet character limit.
The Twitter Character Count tool does not split a longer text into multiple tweets, the editor doesn't support @mentions or hashtags and you can't add images or media. But you do have the option to post your tweet directly to Twitter from the tool once you've finished editing it.
However, in addition to Twitter's tweet character limit, the Twitter Character Count tool also shows a Twitter username character limit, the Twitter bio character limit, profile name limits as well as the Twitter direct message limit.

Twitter Character Counter Online

Twitter Character Counter Online tool is a handy tool that allows you to see how many characters you have left in a single tweet, so you can make sure you're using them all effectively.
Twitter Character Counter Online also has multiple banner ads when you first open the app. Removing them reveals a simple text input box with a character count below it and the option to post your tweet directly to Twitter once you've finished editing it.
Twitter Character Counter Online is only built for editing single tweets. If you try and paste more than 280 characters into the text input it will cut the text off at the 280-character mark. This can sometimes make editing larger chunks of text down into a single tweet cumbersome.

Capitalize My Title

This simple tool will help you keep track of how many characters you have left in a tweet, so you can make sure your tweets are short, sweet, and to the point.
The initial product experience does contain multiple banner ads but when you remove them the page reveals a single text input box with color-coded counters for when you go over the tweet character limit.
In addition to Twitter's tweet character and word limits, Capitalize My Title also shows username character limit, the Twitter bio character limit, profile name limits and DM character limits.
Capitalize My Title lets you paste in as much text as you want and it boasts an array of metrics like reading time, reading level, and keyword density for different words in the tweet.

Character Count Info

The last free tool on our list will help you quickly and easily count the number of characters in a tweet.
Refreshingly, Character Count Info does not have any banner ads when the page loads. The tool is clear and simple to use and shows color-coded counters for username, bio, profile, and DM limits.
The Character Count Info has buttons to import text from a document or pdf, add images and capitalize text but at the time of writing this review, these buttons didn't work so I don't know how useful they are. However, the button to publish the final tweet on Twitter worked like a charm.
There are a variety of Twitter character counting tools available, each with its own set of features.
If you're looking for a dedicated Twitter marketing tool to plan out a batch of content Chirr offers a dedicated Ad-free Twitter editing experience. Chirr App’s core editor and character counting functionality will always remain free. If you also save drafts of your work, schedule content, and get performance analytics on your best Twitter content we have a range of paid plans for hobbyists, professionals, and teams.
Start formatting your tweets on Chirr App
Chirr App is an all-in-one Twitter author app that helps you write and schedule Twitter threads and tweets, engage with your audience, and access actionable analytics so you could write amazing content consistently.
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