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Manage your Twitter threads using Twitter drafts

Manage your Twitter threads using Twitter drafts

Josh Pitzalis
Tue Aug 02 2022
What if you could start a Twitter Thread, save it, come back to it later, and continue working on it? This makes it possible to develop ideas for threads over time, share the work with others, or even delegate and outsource it.

Creating threads with Twitter drafts has never been easier

Using Chirr App you can save drafts of tweets and threads, organize your saved drafts in folders, publish drafts right away or schedule them for later. And you can create and save as many drafts as you want.

Step 1. Start a Twitter Thread

You can start creating Twitter drafts in two ways:
  1. Start writing in the editor
  2. Use the Chirr App extension to import text from an article
Whichever option you've chosen, after starting a thread in Chirr App, you will find yourself in a neat, tidy Google Doc-like interface.
You have the option to split the text into seperate tweets wherever you want, you can number sections, add emojis, mention users, add hashtags, and upload images, gifs or video to each tweet in a thread.

Step 2. Save the Twitter draft

A draft will save itself automatically a few seconds after you start writing.
You can also create folders for your work and manually save a draft into a particular folder.

Step 3. Access Twitter drafts of your unsent tweets

Accessing save drafts at a later date is as simple as going to the drafts page in the navigation header. The last drafts to be updated will always be shown first.
If you have lots of drafts, then you have two options to make your drafts easier to find.
  1. Daft Folders
  2. Starring drafts
With folders, you can group unsent Tweets by category. You can organize your drafts by campaigns, team members, stage of development, content type, etc. You can create a new folder for any kind of category you want.
You can bookmark individual threads by starring them for instant access in the starred drafts section. To star a draft, click on the star icon in the bottom left corner of a Twitter draft on the drafts page.

Scheduling Twitter Threads in Chirr App

Twitter only lets you to schedule a single tweet. The native scheduling function is disabled when you try and schedule a Twitter thread.
Chirr App makes it easy to schedule Twitter threads and build a content calendar. The dropdown next to the green 'Publish' button in the bottom right corner offers four different ways to schedule threads.
  1. If you want to schedule your thread at a specific time, you can select a date and time with our date picker.
  2. If you don't want to pick a date every time you schedule a thread, you can create a fixed schedule once and then add Twitter threads to a queue.
  3. If you ever want to jump the queue, you can also add a thread to the front of the queue using the Share next scheduling option.
  4. If you want to stick to your fixed schedule but you have a specific date in mind (say a special holiday), you can pick a scheduled slot in the future.
If you ever want to check what will get posted when then you can switch to the monthly view on the schedule page to see all your upcoming posts over the next on a single screen.

Collaborating on your Twitter threads

With Chirr App, you can share a draft of an unsent tweet or thread with friends and colleagues effortlessly.
This is handy when you want to ask someone's opinion but they don't use Chirr App. Maybe you want to show the thread to your supervisor, or work on content with the team.
When you choose to share a draft, you will be taken to a page with a "Enable public share link" button.
Switching the toggle will generate a public link of the draft that you can share with anyone you want.
When subscribed to a team plan, you can also add inline comments in a thread for your colleagues or employees by highlighting any section of text in a draft and adding a comment to it.
In-line comments then appear alongside the selected text in the editor.

What's the deal with saved drafts on the Twitter App anyway?

Saving drafts is a bit of a mess on Twitter.
You can save unsent tweets on the mobile app and desktop web app. You can save drafts of a thread on a mobile but not on the web app. What's more confusing is that when you save tweets on a mobile, Twitter doesn't give you access to them on a desktop. For some reason, the drafts on mobile devices and the web are separate.
It's all very confusing.
Chirr App offers a much simpler interface for saving drafts and accessing them anywhere. We do not have a mobile app, but our tool is fully responsive on mobile devices and you can save a shortcut to Chirr App on your home screen to save ideas for tweets and threads when you're on the move.
Chirr App makes the whole Twitter thread writing experience a pleasure with a Google doc-like interface where you can write your thread out in one go and save them so you can work on them later. Chirr App also does a lot more than just save drafts, it's a complete Twitter marketing tool and helps you manage your entire Twitter marketing content workflow. You can save, organize, schedule, collaborate, and review your Twitter marketing content for your business or project.
Get yourself a Twitter superpower!
Chirr App is an all-in-one Twitter author app that helps you write threads and tweets, engage with your audience, and access actionable analytics so you could write amazing content consistently.
What is Chirr App?
Chirr App is a tool that helps experts and teams regularly write and schedule Twitter threads. If the people you want to reach are on Twitter, threads are an effective way to establish your expertise in an industry.
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