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Find Your Most Popular Tweets and Twitter Threads

Find Your Most Popular Tweets and Twitter Threads

Josh Pitzalis
Wed Aug 03 2022
If you've begun investing time and energy into building a Twitter presence for your personal brand or business, this post will help you find your best-performing and most retweeted tweets. Resurfacing and building on ideas and content that performed well in the past will help you to better connect with your audience.
We will cover a few different approaches to finding your best-performing tweets and threads and discuss their tradeoffs. We will also walk you through how to showcase your best-performing tweets and Twitter threads on the public page for free.

Twitter's Native Tools

Twitter has a powerful analytics tool and an advanced search functionality for searching through past tweets.
You can access Twitter's analytics platform by going to Then you will need to go to the ' tweets' page (magnified in the image above) and select the 'top tweets' tab (highlighted in yellow). This will show you a list of all your best-performing tweets over the last 28 days.
You can change the time frame to any month over the last four months. Analytics are broken down by month, which makes it challenging to locate your top tweets and threads of all time. You can use the date range picker, but it will only let you select a maximum window of 3 months.
You can also use Twitter's advanced search feature to only search through your account handle and only for tweets above a certain threshold, say 100 likes, for example.
By default, the search results won't go back very far. You can correct this by specifying the date range you want results from. Unfortunately, the top results won't always be organized by popularity either. Advanced search is not ideal for finding your most popular tweets because you need to know exactly what you are looking for, and you have to sift through the results to get what you want.
If you want to see your most popular tweets, Chirr App created the finest content page, which searches your Twitter history and displays the top tweets.
If you already have a Chirr App account, here are three easy steps to find your best content on Twitter.

Step 1

Head to Chirr App and click on the Analytics tab in the header (highlighted in yellow in the image above)

Step 2

After clicking the analytics page, go to the 'Best Content' tab (also highlighted in yellow in the screenshot above).

Step 3

This page shows you all the most popular tweets from the last 3200 tweets posted on your account. You can remove a particular tweet from this page by clicking the dropdown button in the bottom right corner of any Tweet.
The 'Remove from Twitter' option will delete the original tweet on Twitter, whereas the 'Remove from history' option will remove this tweet from Chirr App but preserves the original tweet on Twitter.

Editing past Twitter threads

Chirr App is also a great tool for editing your past tweets. Each tweet on the 'Best Content' page also has an 'Edit thread' button (highlighted in yellow in the screenshot below).
Editing a tweet will delete the original tweet on Twitter and post a new tweet with any changes you made. You will lose any likes and comments on the original tweet when editing.
The editing feature is particularly convenient when you want to edit a long Twitter thread. If you want to edit a thread with 20 tweets, you must repeat the process above for every tweet in the thread. Deleting the first tweet will not delete the whole thread. Editing the thread in Chirr App handles deleting all the original tweets and replacing them with a new thread in one go.

Duplicating a Twitter thread instead

If you don't want to sacrifice a tweet's engagement and comments, you also have the option to duplicate the thread by selecting the 'create draft from thread' option in the dropdown.
Creating a new draft from a tweet that performed well in the past allows you to build on existing ideas and continuously improve your best content over time.
Chirr App has a free feature called a Nest that lets you showcase your finest tweets on a public page.
To use your Nest click a button labeled 'Nest' next to the 'Analytics' button in the header. This will take you to a demo page with your most popular tweets and a giant green button to make your page public.
When your Nest becomes public, it automatically shows your most popular tweets by default. You can also adjust your settings and select which tweets and threads you show in your Nest.
You can pick and choose from your most popular tweets, or you can select tweets and threads that you have bookmarked.

Linking to your Nest page at the end of a thread

Chirr App makes it easy to link to your Nest at the end of a thread. There is a 'Link to your Nest' button just above the publish button on the main editor page. Linking to your Nest will add a pre-populated tweet to the end of your thread that links back to your Nest page.
You can edit the text content of your pre-populated tweet at any time by clicking on the dropdown next to the button above.
Linking to your Nest at the end of an engaging thread helps direct readers back to your best threads and lets more people discover your work.
Using your Nest to find your most popular tweets is simpler than using Twitter analytics or advanced search. If you decide to make your Nest public, you will always have an automatically updated page with your best tweets and threads that are accessible to everyone and easy to link to.
Sharing content that nobody reads is worthless. So, it is important to be able to find your best-performing tweets. Resurfacing your most popular content lets you build on ideas that performed well and helps you to better connect with your audience.
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