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How to find your old tweets, touch them up, and reuse them

How to find your old tweets, touch them up, and reuse them

Josh Pitzalis
Fri Aug 12 2022
If you’ve put a lot of work into producing excellent content on Twitter over the last few months, this post will show you how to see what content has done well and how you can reuse your best-performing tweets.
There are several ways to find old tweets beyond manually scrolling through tweets on your profile. You can use Twitter's advanced search feature, Twitter's analytics module, or third-party tools like Chirr App, to find and improve old tweets.

How to find your old tweets with Twitter's advanced search function

Twitter advanced search lets you find old tweets and filter them by popularity.
You can search for tweets around a certain date or find old tweets that use specific words, topics, keywords, locations, and hashtags. To find your own best tweets, only search through your account handle and filter the results for tweets above a certain threshold, say 100 likes.
Advanced search is ideal when you know exactly what you are looking for. Otherwise, the results won't always be organized by popularity, and you have to sift through the results to find what you want.
The Twitter analytics module is a seperate section in the platform that you can access by going to
Then you will need to go to the ' tweets' page (magnified in the image above) and select the 'top tweets' tab (highlighted in yellow). This will show you a list of all your best-performing tweets over the last 28 days.
It can be hard to find your most popular tweets across a certain time span because the analytics are broken down by month. By default, you can select any month from the past four months. You can use the date range picker but only for a maximum window of three months.
Given the limitation of Twitter's advanced search and analytics module, we build a tool called Chirr App to make it easier to find and then improve and reuse earlier Twitter content.
Chirr App has a 'Best Content' tab in the Analytics section (highlighted in yellow below) that displays the best-performing tweets of all time.
You can build on these tweets, edit them or modify them entirely to produce and schedule new content for your content calendar. Here are a few different ways to improve older tweets in Chirr App.

Adding new tweets to an existing thread

If you posted a product recommendation or an industry tip that did well in the past, you can turn the tweet into a running thread of recommendations or tips.
You can add a new tweet to an old tweet by going to the "History" page, where you can view all of your tweets—not just your best tweets. Then, click the button ‘Add Tweet’ at the bottom left corner of your selected thread.
This brings up the published tweet in the editor (greyed out in the preview area in the image below). If you start writing another tweet in the editor (on the left), it will add it to the end of that thread. Clicking on the publish button (highlighted in yellow below) will add the new tweet to the existing tweet on Twitter.

Duplicating an old thread

If you tweeted about something that resonated well with your followers, you can build on the idea and rewrite it to make it more engaging. This could mean incorporating feedback in comments from the first time it was published. Maybe you want to express the same idea but from a slightly different perspective, or add new information that wasn't available the first time you wrote about the topic.
To duplicate a thread, go to the "History" page and click the dropdown button in the bottom right corner of the tweet you want to copy. You will get the option to 'Create draft from thread'.
This will open up the editor and create a new draft with the same text as your original tweet. You can modify the text however you want, and it won't affect the original thread on Twitter in any way.

Editing a tweet or thread

The only way to edit a tweet on Twitter is to delete it and write a new one.
The delete-it-and-tweet-it-again approach is a hassle if you're dealing with Twitter threads. If you want to "edit" a thread with 20 tweets, deleting the first tweet does not delete the whole thread. You have to repeat the process above for every tweet in the thread.
Chirr App makes it easy to delete all the original tweets in a thread and replace them with new tweets in one go. All you have to do is go to the ‘History’ page and hit the ‘Edit thread’ button to make changes to your thread or old tweets.
Editing a tweet or thread will modify the original tweet on Twitter. You will lose all of your likes, comments, and retweets on the original tweet. Also, if the original tweet was important and has been linked to, deleting the original means those links will stop working.

Importing a thread

If there is a tweet or thread that you posted on Twitter well before you started using Chirr App, you can import threads into the tool.
Just click on the 'import thread' at the top right of the 'History' tab.
Next, get the URL of the last tweet of that particular thread on Twitter and put it into the input, and click on the 'import thread' button.
Now the thread you imported will show up on your History page just like the rest of your published tweets.
Hiding tweets in your history or deleting them from Twitter
Chirr App provides two ways to delete your tweets. You can remove tweets from your history page, which means that tweets will be hidden in Chirr App. Or you can delete the original tweets on Twitter from within Chirr App.
To do either, go to the Chirr app landing page and click the ‘History’ tab. The dropdown button at the bottom right corner of a tweet will reveal the options you remove content.
  • ‘Remove from history’ does not delete the original tweet on Twitter, it just removes it from Chirr App.
  • If you want to delete the original tweet from Twitter, then hit the 'Remove from Twitter' button.

Reusing old tweets in Chirr App

Up until now, we've discussed how to modify tweets, now we'll explore different ways you can reuse old tweets in Chirr App.

Making tweets evergreen

If you have a thread that did well in the past and would like it to be posted periodically, you can use the content rotation feature to make your thread gets reposted once every 90 days.
To make content evergreen, click on the small ‘Circular Arrow’ in the bottom right of any tweet on the history page.
Once a tweet has been added to your content pool, it will show up on your evergreen content pool tab on the Schedule page.

Bookmarking your tweets and threads

You can also bookmark your threads or old tweets for quick access. To do this, click on the bookmark button located at the bottom right corner of your selected tweet on the history page.
All of your saved tweets will then appear here on the History tab's "Bookmark" page.

A public page with all your top tweets

Chirr App has a free feature called a Nest that lets you showcase your most popular tweets on a public page.
To add tweets to ‘Nest’ click a button labeled 'Nest' next to the 'Analytics' button in the header. This will take you to a demo page with your most popular tweets and a giant green button to make your page public.
When your Nest becomes public, it will show your most popular tweets by default. When new tweets or threads become popular they will automatically rise to the top of your Nest. You also have the option to pick and choose which tweets you display.
If you want to add a specific tweet in your History to your Nest, click on the dropdown button at the bottom right corner of the tweet and select 'Add to Nest'.
You can also add previously bookmarked tweets directly from the Nest settings page.

Cross-posting to LinkedIn

Chirr App also gives you the ability to cross-post your thread to LinkedIn once they've been published.
Crossposting to LinkedIn is a paid feature, and you will need to add your LinkedIn profile in the account settings before you can begin cross-posting.
Once your LinkedIn profile has been added to Chirr App, you can select the specific tweets you wish to cross-post on the "History" page. The dropdown in the bottom right corner has an option to 'Crosspost to LinkedIn'.
You will be presented with a preview of your LinkedIn post before the content is published on your LinkedIn account.

Scheduling a retweet

If your audience is dispersed across different time zones and you want to ensure that specific posts appear in everyone's Twitter feed, ‘Schedule retweet’ is a handy feature that will automatically republish your tweet or thread at a set interval after a tweet or thread has been published.
Once a thread is published, there will be a button to schedule a retweet on the post-publish page.
Scheduling a retweet will present you with a calendar that allows you to pick the date and time for the retweet.

Published tweets and threads are a powerful source of ideas for future content

A dedicated history page is better than using a Twitter search or Analytics because it lets you find and repurpose your old tweets on a single platform. You can go through old tweets, reuse them, modify ideas and then schedule them as new content in the same workflow.
Rather than forgetting about past tweets, use Chirr App's history page to regularly edit, add to, improve and resurface old tweets so you can add them to your Twitter content calendar.
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