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The simplest Twitter mentions tracker for your team

The simplest Twitter mentions tracker for your team

Josh Pitzalis
Mon Aug 15 2022
396.5 million, that’s how many people are currently on Twitter. 206 million of them use it every day.
If you’re one of the millions of businesses that receive messages from or reach out to customers on Twitter every day, you know it’s challenging to track mentions and messages.
Aside from the fact that some Twitter mentions get lost in a pile, Twitter can be a massive productivity sink. One minute you are responding to a customer, and the next, you read the latest news on your favorite celebrity couple.
Also, if you run a large business where you need a team to handle your Twitter account, you’ll testify that some messages slip through the cracks on Twitter because when one person opens a message, it marks as read by everyone.
This is a problem because if the message was opened and not replied to, it’s difficult for other handlers to know since they’ll never see the notification.
The good news is that you can solve all these problems and effectively track mentions with a simple tracking tool.
Several tools help track Twitter mentions, but most are overkills for businesses that want a simple tool to respond to customer support requests quickly.
At Chirr App, we built the simplest Twitter mentions tracker to handle all your customer requests and comments. It shows you all your mentions in a single inbox-style view and lets you work through them in a distraction-free working environment.
In this article, we’ll show you how to set up and track Twitter mentions and how to use that information to improve your marketing strategy.

Setting up and using a Twitter mention tracker for your Twitter account

Step 1

Alternatively, Go directly to ​​ and click the Login button in the top right corner if you don't already have an account. This will prompt you to connect the Twitter account you want to track mentions on.

Step 2

Once you are logged in, you’ll be able to see all your mentions categorized into Unanswered, Answered, and Ignored. Tap on each button to view the list to start tracking Twitter mentions.

Replying to Twitter mentions

Step 1

To reply to an Unanswered Twitter mention, type your reply in the field to the right of the tweet and hit the Green Reply button underneath.
If you go over the 280 characters limit, it will automatically convert and publish your reply as a thread.

Step 2

Once you reply to a tweet, it gets moved to the Answered section, where you can view it along with all the others you’ve responded to.
Chirr App does not have 2-ways sync yet, so if you respond to Twitter mentions directly on the native Twitter app, they’ll still show up as unanswered on Chirr App. Hence, we recommend just using Chirr App Blitz to respond to all mentions. An answered message in Chirr will reflect as answered on Twitter.

Step 3

Sometimes, you may get multiple Twitter accounts engaging with a single tweet in a thread. To respond to this, tap on the blue reply to all X mentions (below two Twitter mentions are highlighted in yellow in the top right).
This will generate individual reply boxes for the X number of tweets. You can choose to reply or ignore the Twitter mentions individually without one affecting the other.

Ignoring mentions

If you want to ignore a tweet, tap the Ignore button under the reply field, and that tweet goes to the Ignored section.
You can also ignore all the unanswered mentions by tapping the Ignore all button.

Like and Retweet

You can like and retweet replies and comments through Blitz. Tapping on the respective icons will automatically like and retweet the tweets.

Viewing more details

To view more details about each tweet, drag your cursor to the date above the respective tweet and click when it turns blue. This will take you directly to Twitter, where you’ll be able to see more details about the tweet (reply).
If you want more details about the account you are interacting with, drag your cursor to their username and click on it when it turns blue. This will take you directly to the Twitter handle on Twitter.

Accessing the Blitz Feature

You’ll need a Chirr App Pro account to access the Blitz page to track mentions. You’ll need to upgrade your account if you do not have one. Tap on the dropdown arrow in the top right corner of the app, then tap on Subscription.
The pro account gives you access to other unique features such as an editor for creating Twitter threads, scheduling, analytics, bookmarks, the ability to upload images, GIFs or videos, and more.
Using the Blitz feature is a great way to track Twitter mentions and reply to them in a distraction-free environment. You can stay active on Twitter without getting distracted by all the “noise” on the timeline.

How to Use the Twitter Mention Tracker As a Team

One great benefit of using the Chirr App Blitz feature is that multiple people can track Twitter mentions simultaneously. The Chirr App Blitz allows you to add unlimited team members to your dashboard.
Here are some benefits of doing this:
  1. Messages don’t disappear till they are responded to or explicitly discarded. When you use the native Twitter app, when one person views a message it gets marked as read for everyone with access to the Twitter account. This makes it very difficult to monitor Twitter mentions, messages, and comments. But with Chirr App, every team member can track Twitter mentions individually while seeing other team members’ responses.
  2. With Chirr App, you don’t need to share company login information with multiple people, increasing the risk of compromise. For example, you don’t always want to give your interns or other temporary team members the master credentials to your company’s Twitter account. With Chirr App, you can simply add them to the team, and they can monitor Twitter mentions without direct access to your company’s Twitter account.
You cannot add team members to the Pro plan. You must upgrade to the Team plan to access the unlimited team mates feature.

Upgrading to a team plan

Similar to upgrading to the Pro plan, tap on the downwards arrow in the top right corner to open the drop-down menu, then tap on Subscription.
You’ll see details about your account, including your current plan and the next payment due date. Below this, you’ll find the change plan button, which will display the different payment plans.
At the bottom of the page is where you’ll find the button to upgrade. Select the Team plan and proceed to payment.

Adding team members

Once you successfully upgrade to the Team plan, you can go ahead to add team members.
Click the downwards-facing arrow in the top right corner to add team members. In the drop-down menu that pops up, click on Invite teammate.
Fill in the required details and send the invitation.
Now the team member can go on to track mentions, create tweets and threads, track Twitter analytics, view a comprehensive Twitter report, and more.

Analyzing Your Twitter Mentions Data

Although the Chirr App Blitz feature does not have a dedicated analytics mode, you can still view your Twitter analytics and Twitter metrics on the general analytics page. Click the Analytics button at the top of the page to view.
Here, you can see how responding and tracking Twitter mentions impacts your Twitter growth on the analytics page.
You can also see when Twitter accounts are most active and likely to mention your brand. This gives you an idea of the best times to post tweets and threads.


With a straightforward mentions tracker like Chirr App Blitz, you can work in a distraction-free environment, improve team collaboration and efficiency, improve customer support and satisfaction, and avoid sharing company Twitter login credentials.
A mentions tracker is a great way to monitor customer support requests on your Twitter handle and see what people say about your business. Using a mention tracker can help your team stay on top of their Twitter game and minimize the number of wasted working hours spent on using social media platforms at work.
Chirr App helps your team keeps track of Twitter mentions, discover conversations around your brand, and ensure your business is getting the most out of the time it invests in Twitter.
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